Seven Keys to Mindfulness During COVID-19

We are in a time where there is a lot of uncertainty and fear regarding the pandemic that is sweeping the planet. Life is not what we are used to. Many of the activities we are accustomed to are ‘on pause’ and most of us are spending a lot of time at home. Sure, we get bonuses like online concerts and gatherings – but a lot of this time is spent in isolation. And thank the Universe that many of us can do our work online, or we have found alternative ways to create an income by diving deep within

Sound Healing and its Uses in the Medical Field

What would you say if I told you that sound heals bodily ailments more effectively than some of the medical practices happening today? Instead of pumping patients full of drugs, and hooking them up to complex machines, the beings of Australia, Greece, Tibet, and Ancient Egypt used the sacred vibration of sound to cure any “dis-ease” – created when the body leaves its 'natural energetic state' – the platform in which all systems are functioning and flowing correctly. Disruption can create sickness, diseases, and even death.

Advice for Small Business Owners

Building a business from the ground up can be a very daunting and stressful task. On the other hand though, perseverance can pay off as long as you're staying “on track.” Oftentimes, the thought of launching the business, and mapping it out on paper is a completely different reality than actually putting the plan into motion. Once in motion, there are so many little things to pay attention to while also managing your own health, and keeping a close eye on your 'outward appearance.'

Top Yoga Studios in San Diego

One of the biggest phenomena in San Diego to grab the globe by storm over the past few years has been yoga. Equipped with as many reasons to begin the practice as styles of yoga, you can choose your ‘weapon of bliss.’ Whether you’re strolling through downtown, or soaking up the sun on the beach boardwalk, there is bound to be a yoga studio within reach. Of course, each studio has its own perks – CorePower Yoga has upscale amenities like showers and locker rooms (which you’re going to need after experiencing the 104 degree heat of C2 yoga class!), and many studios host on-site massage and acupuncture treatments.

Counterstrike is on the Rise!

With drum ‘n bass making its imprint around the world, there’s one country that few seem to recognize as a major player in the genre — South Africa. Not compromising their sound or their location, Animal Chin and 500 Mills – better known as Counterstrike — have placed Cape Town, South Africa on the map. While they might seem like a duo of computer geeks at first glance, they delightfully take you on a vicious ride through articulate, angsty drum patterns and bone-shattering basslines as the resident butchers of sound in their own tech step territory.

Gerra & Stone takes on Best Drum & Bass

Harry Hackett A.K.A. Gerra and David Stone comprise the London/Bristol-based duo, Gerra & Stone. Anyone that’s been digging into drum ‘n bass since 2012 has undoubtedly come across some of the duo’s greatest gems, including their contributions to Ram Records’ RAMsterdam Drum & Bass, L.I.E.S. (The Jungle VIP), Unbreakable on Dispatch Recordings, and Anywhere But Here, the title track from their debut EP on Proximity Recordings in 2012.

The Venues, Tickets and the Music Festival

The streets around the Sunset Strip are buzzing in anticipation for the third annual Sunset Strip Music Festival coming to West Hollywood the last weekend of August. The six venues involved: House of Blues, Viper Room, Cat Club, Whisky A Go-Go, Key Club and the Roxy Theatre, which have each hand-picked their lineups–from rock and heavy metal to electro, hip-hop and singer-songwriter acts, a patchwork of local musical culture.